"Best Of The West...and Beyond" Music Project
About two years ago I stopped by my friend RawTe's home for a visit. A year prior, he had suffered a major stroke and was unable to speak or communicate much.  His devoted and loving wife of many years stood by his side even during the worst of times. Baby Doll and RawTe (Deborah and Monte's stage names) were members of several bands over their years together. He played the guitar and she a vocalist/songwriter. As I was standing by the door about to leave, she told me he had been working on an original song before the stroke and wondered if I could do something with it. She gave me a CD with a song he named "Guitar Cry 1". I took it home and listened to it. The song itself was great but it wasn't complete and the quality of the recording wasn't usable. I told her I would see if I could find someone to recreate it as close to the original arrangement as possible. I thought about some of my guitarist friends in the local area whose style of playing would best recreate the song the way RawTe would have done it. My first choice was my friend and local Seattle guitarist, Manuel Morais. He said he'd love to give it a try. He laid down some tracks in his studio and did a fantastic job. I also asked another musician friend, Darryl "Funky Z" Fields, who happens to be long time friends to both RawTe and BabyDoll to play the bass track on the song. Of course he said yes and I sent the song minus the bass track to him. Between Manuel and Darryl's talent and hard work, the song is amazing! RawTe and BabyDoll heard it and were blown away.  RawTe's birthday is 12/12 and he's a huge Seahawks "12th Man Fan" so BabyDoll told me he'd like his song to be the 12th song...and indeed it is. My sincere thanks to RawTe and BabyDoll for the inspiration to produce this compilation CD in support of independent artists/bands' original music. Also, a big THANK-YOU to all of the contributing artists/bands who made this CD possible.

 - Gary Draper / RockTheBlues.com


Songs included on "Best Of The West...and Beyond" Vol. #1 CD 

(1) Blues Train...Rock The Blues 

(2) Witchburn...Bleed The Stone 

(3) Aury Moore...This House 

(4) Klover Jane...Life For Life 

(5) Tony Coleman...Don't Cry The Blues

(6) Riverbend...I Can See Through You

(7) Chelsea Dasso...Every Song 

(8) Riot In Rhythm...Freedom's Door 

(9) Randy Hansen...Texas Twister 
(10) Sex And Violins...Sex And Violins 

(11) Elsewaves...It Ain't Easy Being Me 

(12) RawTe (featuring: Manuel Morais & Darryl "Funky Z" Fields)
       ...Guitar Cry 1

(13) The Nixon Rodeo...Watergate 

(14) Vial 8...Problems Away 

(15) Gregg Fox / Renaissance Rock Orchestra 
      ...The Author Of Mystery

(16) Atomic Clock...The Princess (she cries)

"Best Of The West...and Beyond" Vol. #2 will be available sometime in late "2018". Artists/bands'  will include: Tony Coleman, Roni Lee Group, Duffy Bishop, Regional Faction, Sex And Violins, Ken DeRouchie, William Thomas Anderson, Terranova, Dudley Taft, Kaedyn Kashmir, Darryl "Funky Z" Fields, Dave Beegle / Fourth Estate, Leona X, Devorah, Piece Of Tomorrow featuring Cian Coey, Gregg Fox / Renaissance Rock Orchestra.